50 calls in a day from getphoneloan

Jollyville, Texas
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Since yesterday I have been getting 3 calls per hour.. When I receive any call they asked me my name and asked if I applied for some loan..

As soon as I say NO and ask them to remove my number from the list, they hang up.

I have never applied for any loans neither I have went to their site or anything. I don't know from where did they get my information.

But while I am at work last thing I want is these spam calls. I am pretty sure they are calling from call centers in india.

I am pissed !


Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #818544

uh if you had really received even 1/2 the calls you claim you had you'd have done what ANYONE with 1/2 a brain cell would do, first you BLOCK them on your phone if it's your cell phone that is.

next you contact your phone service provider with the offending phone number and tell them you want it blocked and that you want records of the phone calls to give to your attorney as you're filing a formal complaint of harassment.

because if as you claim you said to be put on their do not call list and the same place keeps calling you back you can get them for harassment.

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